General Tyre 185/60R 14 82H ALTIMAX GC5

Altimax GC5 is designed with a special focus on riding comfort for both family and business cars alike with a distinctive design.

  • Dynamic pattern design
  • Provides a smooth & comfort ride
  • Advanced compound technology

Additional information

Tire Season All Season
Tire Size General Tyre 185/60R 14 82H ALTIMAX GC5
Width 185
Profile 60
Diameter 14
Load Index 82
Speed Index H


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Lower Noise Levels

  • Feature: dynamic center grooves flanked by inward directional sipes.
  • Effect: disrupts air flow and breaks up noise waves.
  • Benefit: reductions in noise generation while driving.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

  • Feature: harmonic lateral groove angles.
  • Effect: Improved surface area contact with the road.
  • Benefit: delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. 



Advanced Compound Technology

  • Feature: an additional layer of high elasticity bonding agent added in the manufacturing process.
  • Effect: reductions of energy dissipated for hysteresis while the tyres is in operation.
  • Benefit: improvements in rolling resistance and mileage.