Terms & Conditions

Before you order at tyreguru.net.au, please read the terms & conditions. You automatically offer consent to the general terms and conditions when you put the order.

  • Customer – stands for the individual, person, company or other body who place an order on the site www.tyreguru.net.au.
  • Homepage – www.tyreguru.net.au
  • Account – means what you will need to register to submit an order on this site.
  • Business day – stands for the day except Saturday or Sunday, nor a public and/or bank holiday anywhere in Australia. Also referable with “working day”.
  • Confirmation of order – means our email to you where we accept your order.
  • Customer information – Information we request from you to place an order.
  • Order number – Gathered by you as a customer after completing your order, you will find it in your order confirmation. Whenever questions related to an order arise, this should be your reference.
  • Product – The product(s) which are ordered by a customer from Tyreguru.net.au via the website or any other medium. Similar words, like goods or items also refer to this. Note that all words which are used in singular can also be used in plural and it also applies vice versa.

All orders are handled immediately at TyreGuru, assuming that you put your order on a business day. You recognize TyreGuru’s Terms and Conditions when placing an order, and you agree that you are:

  • In Australia, a resident 
  • Legally entitled to make transactions with the payment account selected 
  • Ordering goods to be supplied and/or fixed in Australia 
  • If any of the above is wrong, please do not put an order on this platform. 
  • We reserve the right to reject, reject or cancel any order placed with us, at our absolute discretion and at any time.

All our prices include GST and any other relevant taxes (which,  as shown on the  website, are paid at the current rate). Unless otherwise noted on the website, rates include delivery. Prices in Australian dollars (AUD). Without prior notice, we reserve the right to correct errors and/or update the Information. 

However, if the incorrect price on a product you have already ordered has been shown, we will, of course, inform you and await your approval of the correct price before you have ordered it.


At the moment TyreGuru offers following payment methods: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) We reserve the right to not offer all payment methods. By submitting a credit or debit card number, you:

  • Confirm that your use of the particular card is authorized and that all information that you submit is true and accurate; and
  • Authorize us to charge to the card you tendered all amounts payable by you to us (including GST and any other applicable taxes) based on the Items you order.

    If we suspect that any order is fraudulent or involves stolen identity or payment information, we reserve the right to make any additional authenticity checks and to involve any authorities we deem fit.


All products that are purchased at TyreGuru have a 1 year warranty regarding faults or defects resulting from manufacturing. Damages caused by fitting, disassembling or balancing, or improper usage of the Products are not covered by the warranty.

For any warranty claims, the buyer must first have the tyres return for inspection to determine if the issue is due to manufacturing. If the inspection determines there is a manufacturing issue, compensation will be evaluated from the remaining tread of the tyres, and in the terms of a replacement, or partial refund, which will be determined after inspection.


Delivery & Delivery Costs Products purchased at TyreGuru can be delivered to:

  • Your address
  • Your chosen fitting partner (if available) or
  • Another given address

Products are usually delivered in 3-5 business days from the time the product has left the warehouse, unless stated otherwise. However, due to unforeseen changes in purchasing volume, shipping times can fluctuate. We aim to notify you if we suspect that we cannot make the delivery in the estimated delivery time, but, to the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery.

Metro area postcodes: 2000 – 2002, 2006 – 2012, 2015 – 2050, 2052, 2055, 2057, 2059 – 2077, 2079 – 2097, 2099 – 2148, 2150 – 2168, 2170 – 2179, 2190 – 2200, 2203 – 2214, 2216 – 2234, 2555 – 2560, 2563 – 2567, 2745, 2747 – 2763, 2765 – 2770, 3000 – 3006, 3008, 3010 – 3013, 3015 – 3016, 3018 – 3034, 3036 – 3062, 3064 – 3068, 3070 – 3076, 3078 – 3079, 3081 – 3089, 3093 – 3095, 3101 – 3109, 3111, 3113 – 3116, 3121 – 3156, 3160 – 3175, 3177 – 3202, 3204 – 3207, 3752, 3800, 3802 – 3803, 3806, 3975 – 3976, 4000 – 4014, 4017 – 4022, 4025, 4029 – 4032, 4034 – 4037, 4051, 4053 – 4055, 4059 – 4061, 4064 – 4070, 4072 – 4078, 4101 – 4125, 4127 – 4133, 4151 – 4161, 4163 – 4165, 4169 – 4174, 4178 – 4179, 4300 – 4301, 4500 – 4505, 4508 – 4509, 5000 – 5001, 5005 – 5025, 5031 – 5035, 5037 – 5052, 5061 – 5076, 5081 – 5098, 5106 – 5115, 5125 – 5127, 5158 – 5162, 5164 – 5166, 5168, 5950, 6000 – 6001, 6003 – 6012, 6014 – 6031, 6036, 6050 – 6074, 6076 – 6079, 6081 – 6082, 6090, 6100 – 6112, 6121 – 6125, 6147 – 6176, 6180 – 6182

Delivery costs are based on postal code of the delivery address and the tyre size. These cost will be added to the total order price which will be visible in the cart and can already be calculated in the product detail page.


You are entitled to request a return within 14 days after you, or a third party named by you, received the tyres. Please send an email to support@tyreguru.net.au with your name, order number and reason for return in order to request an RMA number.

Only unused tyres that have not been mounted are eligible for return. We do not offer returns for simply change of mind or wrongly ordered products. In case of a return, we will ensure the tyres are picked up at the address specified by the customer.

If we have come to an agreement on return for an order that was due to a customers fault, a 15% restocking fee will apply (15% of total order value) and the customer is in charge of the return fee.



As soon as we have received the returned tyres and have inspected the conditions, we will refund the original order amount minus freight cost within 30 days.

The refund amount will be transferred to the original means of payment used for the order, unless differently specified by the customer


For complaints, please contact TyreGuru by email or post. TyreGuru will send the claims forms and the return delivery labels you need. For approved claims, the customer will get the products replaced with an equivalent product and reimbursed for any additional expenses.

Before the new product is sent, TyreGuru must conclude that it is free from manufacturing or material defects. Associated costs, such as for rental cars, are not reimbursed by TyreGuru. If the claim is not approved, the delivery costs are not refunded, and the customer is fully charged. Please note that the customer is responsible for the products until they have been received by TyreGuru. Please make sure you pack the products carefully, so they do not get damaged when they are returned to TyreGuru.


The products on our website are for sale, however, we reserve the right to make changes. If typographical errors, technical problems or similar occur, we reserve the right to cancel incoming orders. If this occurs, you will be contacted.

The existing product description is mainly from our supplier, we accept no responsibility for them. Sometimes the product image differs from reality. An example might be a Tyre, under “Tyre menu” which is attached to a rim. The rim in this example is not included in the price, and thus not included in the purchase. TyreGuru accepts no responsibility for any Tyre equipment, which you as a car owner choose to use for your vehicle.


Images are for illustration purposes only. Wheel rims are not included with the Tyre, and actual tread may differ from images depicted.


If a customer is unreachable for a month or more since the tyres have been delivered to the Fitting Station, the customer is forfeiting the tyres and may not be subject to a refund.


Most tyres are around 1 year old but max age is 4 years. We only sell NEW tyres, we do not sell second hand/used tyres, factory seconds or any damage tyres. The date of the order will be used against the manufacture date of the Tyre to determine the max 4 year gap. If stock is marked as ‘Clearance stock’, the age of the tyres potentially could have an age greater than 4 years.


If you, the customer, fitting partner, or any other individual involved with TyreGuru or the purchase of tyres is inappropriate and rude to staff, you will forfeit all additional privileges, promotions and additional services other than the very basic purchase and delivery of tyres at full retail price.

Last Updated : November, 2020