Refund Policy

At Tyre Guru our policy is not to charge the consumer up front for delivering the ordered tyres to their nominated fitment location.


Returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery.  However, please note that only unused tyre(s) that have not been fitted, are eligible for return.  Returned goods must be in saleable condition. In the case of faulty, damaged or incorrect goods being delivered, Tyre Guru will replace the goods free of charge and will make arrangements to have the faulty, damaged or incorrect goods returned to Tyre Guru.

Please note: It is the customers responsibility for the return freight costs to Tyre Guru where a change of mind has occurred.

At Tyre Guru, achieving customer satisfaction is our priority.  With this in mind, Tyre Guru is committed to offering genuine products and exceptional services. Tyre Guru offers a wide range of Tyres and brands.  All products sold are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty and the minimum requirements as stipulated under Australian Consumer Law.
Should you receive a tyre with a manufacturers fault, defect or in damaged condition, we will gladly replace your tyre(s) free of charge. Modified Vehicles If your car has any “after-market” modifications (e.g. upgraded brakes, lowered suspension, etc.), please inform our staff while ordering your tyre(s) to confirm fitment and that your selected tyres are adequate/fit for purpose. 

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the “On Road Legality” of their car by contacting the relevant road and traffic authorities prior to the modifications being undertaken to see if they are permitted. Tyre Guru is not responsible for any legal issues which may arise with the purchase and installation of the delivered Tyres.
Our warranty is not valid for tyres which become defective as a result of: Incorrect fitment of the tyre(s)
  • Road hazard damage whether repairable or not (e.g. impact damage or puncture)
  • Improper storage, maintenance, repair or other abuse of the tyre(s)
  • Under or over-inflation
  • Any mechanical irregularity in the vehicle that results in uneven or rapid wear (including but not limited to wheel/tyre imbalance and/or wheel misalignment)
  • Fitting the tyre(s) with improper or incompatible valves and/or wheels (rims)
  • Fitting the tyre(s) to vehicles that are carrying loads or running speeds higher than that recommended for the vehicle
  • Disregarding the technical recommendations of the manufacturer as published from time to time while fitting the tyre(s)
  • Any other change caused by Accident, fire, chemical explosion or exposure, tyre alteration (e.g. retreading) or vandalism
  • Any change caused by Climatic effects (e.g. salt water or sand)
  • Any tire that has been repaired (i.e. puncture repair) or run on flat.

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the tyres and expires immediately upon transferring the tyre(s) to another individual or entity.

Should you have an issue with your tyre(s) performance, condition or wear and wish to make a claim, you can do so by emailing TyreGuru at

In your claim, please provide the following information where possible so we can assist you:

  • Proof of Purchase (including Customer name, order number, email address, contact number)
  • Number of tyres affected
  • A complete description of the issue, problem or defect
  •  Photos of the tyre(s) showing the issue, problem or defect.

Please provide any other evidence that you may find helpful to assess your claim, One of our customer service experts will review the case and contact you within five working days.  Please note that in some circumstances, a physical inspection may be required. In the event that a claim is approved, Pro-rata charges apply for tyre replacement. E.g. If a tyre is 25% worn, a 25% charge will apply. If the tyre is 50% worn, a 50% charge will apply. Tyres under 10% worn will be replaced free of charge.  Tyres with 10% or less tread remaining will not be considered for claims.

Last Updated: January 2021