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Are Low Rolling Resistance Tyres Worth It?

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Are Low Rolling Resistance Tyres Worth It?

A tyre generates heat as it rotates over the road surface. Over distance this heat will build up and cause resistance. More energy is required to overcome this resistance and continue to rotate the tyre. In automotive applications this means that more fuel will be used to generate the energy required. So if rolling resistance can be reduced this will increase fuel economy.

Low rolling resistance tyres have been around for quite a while but in the past, the compounds used to make these tyres tended to decrease the traction ability of the tyre. However, a recent breakthrough in technology has improved the situation – The introduction of silicone, commonly known as Silica.

Basically when silica is added to the tyre’s compound it allows the tyre to be more flexible and elastic at lower temperatures. What this means is that traction will be enhanced at lower operating temperatures which equates to better grip with lower rolling resistance. This combination is the perfect mix for a tyre, delivering increased fuel economy with high performance.
This newer style of low rolling resistance tyres are also known as Eco Tyres, which refers to the fact the increased fuel economy and tyre life has benefits for the environment. The vehicle owner will also benefit with increased fuel economy and longer tyre life both helping to save them money.